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T. Rex vs. Carcharodontosaurus (and Giginatosaurus?)

Just thought I would add my  naive two cents re: the differences between
these two beasts. I base my thoughts of the differences in their teeth.

T. Rex had thick spike-like teeth.  I think these would work best in
culling the local duck bill heard of its young and sick.  Its teeth and
jaws would work best at grasping the animal and crushing it to death,
or, in the case of the younger and smaller prey, shaking it and crushing
it to death.  That T. Rex had a larger brain than Carcharodontosaurus
suggests maybe it required more stealth  or that it need more highly
developed sensory input of some type to get the job done.

Carcharodontosaurus, in contrast, had big meat wagons in the form of
sauropods around.  I wonder if it's modus operandi was analagous to
killer whales chasing down a large gray whale.  In other words, the prey
was eaten while it was trying to escape and eventually died from blood
loss and resulting shock.  The thinner cutting type blade teeth would
appear to be suited for this type of attack.  

I know my thoughts are probably at least partially based on what others
have submitted on this list.  I hope no one feels offended if I echoed
what they have stated earlier.

Bruce R, Danz