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On Sun, 18 May 1997, Jack Frost wrote:
> Peter Buchholz wrote:
>> Yes, in your opinion... Almost nothing is known of _Bactrosaurus_' skull,
>> which is really what is diagnostic about lambeosaurs past deciding if they
>> are lambeosaurs or hadrosaurs.  _Tsintaosaurus_ on the other hand has a
>> fairly good skull, and associated postcrania.  
> I didn't think we were talking about well-known in the excessively small 
>scientific community.  I know for sure I was talking about well known to 
>the general public.  Bactrosaurus is much more recognizable name to 
>people like me who just like dinosaurs.  I don't know and couldn't care 
>less what "postcrania" means because you just pulled it out of thin 
>air.  The word is not germane to this topic, and is only found in your 
>message so you can sound impressive.
> This is exactly what I was referring to with my comment about stuffy 
>Ivy League people.  You use big words so people think you know what 
>you're talking about, but I seriously doubt you do. 

PostCrania - Post, as in "after", Crania, as in "cranium" or head.
referring to remains after the head.

Easily decipherable (hope that word isn't too big for you) to even someone
just starting high scholl - such as yourself.

BTW, please learn to use a return key so your posts are readable. Ask your
parents for help.

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