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Re: Definition, please

At 08:34 AM 5/17/97 -0700, T.A. Curtis wrote:
>> Are they exaptions of gastralia?
>     I know gastralia.  I don't know exaptions.  Can someone please
>enlighten me?

S.J. Gould and E. Vrba coined the term "exaptation" for the previous concept
of "pre-adaptation".

Aptation: a structure, behavior, etc. fit for a function.

Adaptation: a structure, behavior, etc. fit TOWARDS a function.

Exaptation: a structure, behavior, etc. modified FROM a previous function to
a new function.

For example, the limb bones of tetrapods are adaptations for crawling on
land, and are exapted from the sculling/swimming fin bones of more primitive

The feathers of early birds were adaptations for flight, but almost
certainly exapted out of some earlier use (thermoregulation? display?).

Hope this helps.

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