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Hen's teeth

Several days ago Jeff Poling asked about citations to the work on "hen's
teeth (which, of  course, could also be produced in males)
   The work was done by Chris Fisher and Ed Kollar in the early 1980's.
Ed was at the UConn School of Dentistry and Chris a grad student. The work
was repored  in SCIENCE as Kollar & Fisher (1980) Tooth induction in the
chick epithelium: expression of quiescent genes for enamel synthesis.
Science 207:993-995.
   You might see Kollar (1981)  in Morhpogenesis and Pattern Formation
(Conelly, Brinkley & Carson, Eds., Raven Press, NY) for more discussion.
   The work and some of its signficance was discusses by  Gould (who else?)
 in an essay in Natural History   entitled "Hen's teeth and Horses' toes".
 It was reprinted in his book for the same name (1983)