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Mesozoic rain forest/Bat 'brane

Nick Longrich wrote:

> I would guess that the environment where birds, bats and
>pterosaurs evolved, if not a tropical forest, may have resembled one in
>many ways.

     I understand the distinction Nick is making, but I thought that a rain
forest as we know it could not have existed during most of the dino's days.
Of course angiosperms were not around for the first half (or so) of the
Mesozoic, when the pterosaurs made their appearance.  The question then is
whether gymnos, etc. developed the same canopied forest structure.
Preservation bias notwithstanding, is there any evidence for such a
structured environment?

> brachio, uro, and pro-patagium

     Can't find a definition for this.  Is this the wing membrane, in its
various locations re the body (arm, rear, front)?


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