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Re: Hadrosaurs and Oviraptor.

>I think hadrosaurs where too big!
>A theropod from 8-9 to 16,5 m. could have killed a hadrosaur.
>Theropods smaller than 8m. couldn't have killed a big hadrosaur, unless
>it was a packing theropod!

How do you know?  I'm all for speculation, but to just baldly state 
that a theropod under 8m couldn't take down a hadrosaur is perhaps 
going a bit far.  The fact is that we don't know what a given species 
could or could not do with any degree of certainty.  We can be pretty 
sure that Compsognathus wasn't preying on giant sauropods, but 
theropod/hadrosaur interactions are a lot less obvious.  Since no one 
has ever had a chance to observe the predatory behavior of theropods, 
to pick a certain size and pontificate about the capabilities of 
larger and smaller theropods is arbitrary, it's bad science, and it 
is quite possibly wrong.