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Re: large theropod body config and predation

> From:          "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <th81@umail.umd.edu>

> Sauropods remained fairly common well into the Cretaceous in many (most?)
> parts of the world.  It is only the Late Cretaceous of North America which
> was, apparently, sauropod free (until the arrival of Alamosaurus, at least).
> Even Asia had sauropods in the Late Cretaceous, albeit at reduced numbers
> relative to earlier.

Are the Car'ids believed to have preyed upon sauropods?  How does one 
explain the difference in teeth between the Car'idae and the 
Tyr'idae? Was it driven by selection or simply a development of what 
earlier forms offered?  I am trying to understand the difference in 
the "lifestyles" (if I can be so bold) between the Tyrannosauridae 
and the Carcharodontosauridae -- does the answer lie in the 


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