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Re: Mesozoic rain forest/Bat 'brane

MC2 wrote:
> Nick Longrich wrote:
> > I would guess that the environment where birds, bats and
> >pterosaurs evolved, if not a tropical forest, may have resembled one in
> >many ways.
>      I understand the distinction Nick is making, but I thought that a rain
> forest as we know it could not have existed during most of the dino's days.
> Of course angiosperms were not around for the first half (or so) of the
> Mesozoic, when the pterosaurs made their appearance.  The question then is
> whether gymnos, etc. developed the same canopied forest structure.
> Preservation bias notwithstanding, is there any evidence for such a
> structured environment?

Well, if I recall basic climatology aright, technically a "rain forest"
doesn't _have_ to be tropical, and it doesn't _have_ to be mainly
angiosperms either.  Look at the Pacific Northwest: a temperate rain
forest made up primarily of various sorts of conifers.  And it does show
at least three distinct layers: canopy, intermediate, and ground.

-- JSW