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Hi all.

What's the current situation on _Gargoylosaurus_ please? And it is
_Gargoylosaurus_ or _Gargoylasaurus_? I assume this is the same animal as
_Gastonia_ but this is a big assumption and I haven't seen it printed anywhere:
speaking of printing, has the name been put in print and if it _has_ - and if
_Gastonia_ is the same thing - then why was _Gastonia_ rejected? Presumably it
was preoccupied... so, preoccupied by what?

I apologise profusely to Jim Kirkland if I am talking a lot of misinformed
drivel and emphasise that it not my intention to spread poorly informed and
inaccurate net rumours...;-) Anyone who has info: I'd like it. Thanks.

Any news on Bakker's Jurassic (Como?) ankylosaur? I recall a name for this one -
 that it began with either an H or a W is all I remember. Great.

"I'm endangering the mission, I shouldn't have come"