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        I suspect Tom feels the same way about this, but could we perhaps 
not discuss taxa that haven't been published yet?

> At 10:19 AM 5/20/97 +0100, Tom Holtz wrote:
> >Hi all.
> >
> >What's the current situation on _Gargoylosaurus_ please? And it is
> >_Gargoylosaurus_ or _Gargoylasaurus_?
> Dammit, this is all my fault!
> I mentioned in passing the first three letters of this name.  Someone else,
> not taking the clue that this name is NOT to be publicized yet, mentioned it
> in full.
> My apologies to the dynamic ankylosaur duo.
> >I assume this is the same animal as
> >_Gastonia_ but this is a big assumption and I haven't seen it printed 
> >anywhere:
> >speaking of printing, has the name been put in print and if it _has_ - and if
> >_Gastonia_ is the same thing - then why was _Gastonia_ rejected? Presumably 
> >it
> >was preoccupied... so, preoccupied by what?
> Two different taxa entirely.
> Morrison ankylosaur B (aka Gar...) is from the Morrison.
> Gastonia is from the (middle?) Cedar Mountain Formation (Cloverly equivalent).

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