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UCMP Dinosaur Research

Hi folks--

        A few updates from the University of California Museum of Paleontology:

1) A website on field work done by Dr. Bill Clemens and Mark Goodwin in the
Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia (?Late J-Early K)is up. Check out this URL:


2) On the tyrannosaur subject: the UCMP has a partial set of _T. rex_
hindlimbs that merit mention. Specimen #: UCMP 137539; I'd wager that the
specimen is about 20% complete, but 75% of that is in little McNugget-sized
pieces.  :-(  Still, an excellent right metatarsus is preserved, plus both
tibiae, a fibula, and some identifiable fragments like the fourth
trochanter, plus the infamous mystery bone. Consarn that mystery bone!

3) More on that specimen, and some even cooler stuff (ornithomimids up the
wazoo, and more birds than you can shake a third metatarsal at...), at this
year's SVP, pending acceptance of our abstract. I've heard some tidbits of
coming events at SVP '97; sounds like another fun meeting.

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