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Re:Hadrosaurs & oviraptors

DinosØMP wrote:
> I think hadrosaurs where to big!
> A theropod from 8-9 to 16,5 m. could have killed a hadrosaur.
> Theropods smaller than 8m. couldn't have killed a big 
> hadrosaur,unless it was a packing theropod!
So are you saying that lions dont bring down pray larger than
themselves? tigers? jaguars? cougars? leopards? hyaenas?  
That is why predators hunt in packs--there is strength in numbers.
I know that predators go after the weaker animals: the young, elderly &
crippled, but when all else fails, you take what you can get--and I'm
sure dinosaurs hunted basically the same way.

> Question: No one knows what the name of the oviraptorosaurid whith the
> horn on the nose, is?!?!?!?!

I'm not sure about this one, but I think it might be _Ricardoestesia_.

Bronson Barton