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Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> >What's the current situation on _Gargoylosaurus_ please? And it is
> >_Gargoylosaurus_ or _Gargoylasaurus_?

Not sure. Hopefully it will be out in Nature soon.
> >I assume this is the same animal as
> >_Gastonia_ but this is a big assumption and I haven't seen it printed 
> >anywhere:
> >speaking of printing, has the name been put in print and if it _has_ - and if
> >_Gastonia_ is the same thing - then why was _Gastonia_ rejected? Presumably 
> >it
> >was preoccupied... so, preoccupied by what?

        Too much pre publication of the name may kill it.
> Morrison ankylosaur B (aka Gar...) is from the Morrison.

        It is closely related to Mymorapelta maysi. So much so that Ken 
is using both to create the first full mount of a Jurassic Ankylosaur.

> Gastonia is from the (middle?) Cedar Mountain Formation (Cloverly equivalent).

         Actually it is from the basal CM  (Yellow Cat Member) in strata 
eguiv. to the Lakota and upper Wealden of Barremian age. We have 
Sauropelta s (Nodosaurus) from a number of sites now in the middle CM 
(Poison Strip Sandstone and Ruby Ranch Members) of Aptian-Albian age. 
Ken and I have the nodosaur close to Pawpawsaurus( named in press) in 
the Vertebrate Fossils of Utah book, Dave Gillette is editing. It is 
from the upper CM (Mussentuchit Member)of basal Cenomanian age (98 mya).

        I am in the final revision phase of the guidebook (There are 9 
other authors, but I wrote it "80 manu. p., 40 figs.") to mid-Cret. 
Dino. sites across central Utah, where I name all these members. This 
will be a a post GSA annual meeting fieldtrip (Oct. 24-26) at $240 it is 
a real deal. Many of the Quarries will be open for viewing and many of 
the collections will be visible for inspection.

Jim K.