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Re: I need some dates and references

Thom Quinn wrote:
> I am a zoologist, but I know we have dates going back at leat 4.3
> billion years in the rocks.
> Any geologist out there willing to help me out? And the list? I need
> some citations and dates about the oldest rocks on earth.

As someone already suggested the FAQs are a good start. Another point
you might be interested in is the controversy involving Lord Kelvin
and the geologists about the age of the Earth. Kelvin, a top Physicist
was against the concept of a very old Earth,the discovery of radioactive
decay and nuclear fusion "forced" him to accept it. Tom Holtz
remark about Young Earth Creationists raised a question in my mind,
is creationism just an United States of America thing or did it cross
the Ocean? Respond offlist pelase, I'm just curious.

Talking about an old topic, I found that is rather easy to model
ammonoid ribs and their "evolution", they can be described by a simple
differential equation. Does any one know if there's a similar
approach towards building a model vertebrate skeleton? (I remember stuff
about stripes and dot patterns on fur but nothing about skeletons).

There were some posts claiming people on this list like to sound
"impressive", this is a forum opened to laymen, yet a scientific forum.
If you find the words are though you should look on a dictionary or an
introductory book about the subjects discussed here, or POLITELY ask 
for help. What someone called "extraterrestrial language" is just
scientific terminology, Jeff Pooling has a rather nice homepage you 
can check at http://www.dinosauria.com , just go to the omnipedia. 
I'm sure he will be glad to add extra terms like "postcrania" if people
ask him in a nice way. Remember most people that write to this list are
scientists that work with dinosaurs, they may answer to the occasional
lurker but they will surely stop doing so if people start to insult

Best regards

Dalmiro Maia