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Re: Hadrosaur defense

Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> The current view is that zebra stripes are primarily social facilitators
> among zebras - the animals seem to like to be near striped objects.  One
> field test involved putting a striped billboard in zebra habitat - zebras
> would go over and stand next to it.

The problem with this test is that it does not distinguish social
facilitation from a defensive purpose.  If it is defensive, naturally
zebras are going to want to stand where it is effective.  Before anyone
gets onto me about anthropomorphism, it is not needed in this case;
simple natural selection without any thought by the zebra will work. 
Now, these two ideas are not mutually exclusive.  Actually, it makes
much more sense to me to say that both are playing a part.  Likely it
began to develop for defense, and then was used for social interactions
in addition.

Joe Daniel