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Re: I need some dates and references

Maia wrote:
 Another point
> you might be interested in is the controversy involving Lord Kelvin
> and the geologists about the age of the Earth. Kelvin, a top Physicist
> was against the concept of a very old Earth,the discovery of radioactive
> decay and nuclear fusion "forced" him to accept it.

I know this is way off topic, sorry.  I seem to remember in the article
Lord Kelvin published giving his date of the Earth, he said that it was
only valid assuming the Earth had no internal source of heat.  At the
time, no one knew of any such thing.  When radioactivity was discovered
he readily acceded that his date was too young.  At least, this is the
way that my favorite geology prof taught it:)

Not trying to start anything, I just think Lord Kelvin was really cool,
almost up there with Roy Chapman Andrews:)

Joe Daniel