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Re: New birdlike theropod

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> A report in this week's issue of the journal NATURE describes the
> partial fossil remains of the most birdlike dinosaur ever found.
> Argentinian paleontologist Fernando Novas announced his find at a press 
> conference today.   The new dinosaur has been tentatively named
> "Unenlagia comahuensis," which means "half bird from northwest Patagonia" 
> in the language of a local Amerind tribe.  It's a theropod about the size 
> of an ostrich: 1.2 meters tall at the hips, 2.3 meters long including the 
> tail.  The recovered parts are fragmentary, but enough was found to show 
> that this animal had a sideward-angled shoulder joint and arm construction,
> unlike other known dinosaurs but very much like true birds, permitting the 
> flapping motion which birds use for flight.  In addition, the legs and

This was shown on ABC news Tuesday 5/20. A large critter.

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