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Re: Big raptor

At 07:16 PM 20/05/97 -0600, you wrote:
>John Schneiderman wrote:
>> Possibly referring to Wyomingraptor.
>Who should I contact about this Wyomingraptor?  Sounds like good
>kidstuff to me. 
To find out about this, you should contact Bob Bakker.  It is his new name
for an allosaurid (but I have no idea where it would be from ;-)).  There is
a picture on the Tate (sp?) Museum's website of its arm (I don't remember
the URL).  The site was so slow when I looked, that I think I saw the arm
(looks like an Allosaurus arm, but who am I to argue) and then got angry and
left.  SOMEBODY must have the URL.  The last I heard about it, it was
possibly Allosaurus.  I have seen Dr. Holtz post here, there, and everywhere
about it, so maybe he would be a good person to ask for more information.

Is it just me, or has the name "raptor" gotten more than its fair share of
use recently?


"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
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