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Sudanese Dromeosaur again!

A while back I had asked this question and received no reply. Can
anybody on the list help.
Further has there been an official publication of Baagaratan, if so
where can I get it?
A while back a certain Rauhut had reported dromeosaur material from
Sudan. Can any one provide the exact reference? What does the material
comprise of? Is there any overlap with the putative Hateg dromeosaur
material which was recently reported by Weishampel. Is there any further
unpublished material from Hateg which would suggest that the dromeosaur
had some of the primitive features typical of the other island dinosaurs
from the same formation. Weishampel et al believe that the fact that
this dromeosaur is younger than in think most others may have some thing
to do with the isolation on an island which allowed it to survive
longer. Any comments on this matter. 

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