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Re: Nick Longrich's request for patagial definitions, Stan F said..
> Of these, only propatagium is not self-explanatory once you know the
> underlying Greek.  I *think* it means a small membrane on the leading edge
> of the wing/arm, sort of like flaps on an airplane.

Yeah, that's about it: the propatagium is a leading edge structure that spans
the angle between lower and upper arms. Usually inserts distally on the wrist
and proximally in the shoulder or lower neck area. Its leading edge is often
braced by bony, cartilaginous or tendinous structures.

Uropatagia are the structures between hind limbs and tail (used in some
insectivorous bats to scoop up bugs and controversially present in
some?/most?/all? pterosaurs). The brachiopatagium is the main wing field.

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