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Encyclopedia Preview

        I found this preview of the Currie and Padian (eds.) Encyclopedia of 
Dinosaurs. The status shows it is due for publication this August. It sounds 
like a "must-have".

        Also, I would like to just comment on the scientific jargon used on 
list. I am not a palaeontologist so when I subscribed, I was a little lost. I 
got out the books and notated all the drawings in The Dinosauria with arrows 
names of bones, etc. I thought it was actually fun. It was a whole other deeper 
level of the  understanding of dinosaurs. Of course, some posts here still fly 
over my head (like that Adam Yates one on Gondwana Oviraptors, sorry Adam). 
now I have a tremendous appreciation of palaeontologists and the amount of 
education they must have. I hope the list remains at this high level.