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Re: Family Ties

Whoa!  Easy, there tex.  You certainly have a chip on your shoulder large 
enough for you to be a paleontologist, but you might want to do a little 
homework before you flame us for the way we communicate.  Do you get on 
chemistry lists and give them grief about having the audacity to mention 
words like Silicon, atom, or electron?

> Jack Frost wrote:
> >  ...  I don't know and couldn't care less what "postcrania" means because 
> > you just pulled it out of thin air.  The word is not germane to this topic, 
> > and is only found in your message so you can sound impressive.
> First of all, the reason I sign my messages Jeremy Frost is because Jack 
> Frost doesn't write them, I do.  Jack is my father.  He owns the computer, so 
> my messages come in with his name attached to them.  Second, some of  you 
> might be on this list to see
 who can type the longest, most unpronouncable and obscure word in the history 
of mankind.  I'm on this list because I like dinosaurs and want to learn more 
about them, but it's impossible to learn anything on a list where everybody 
else seems to be speak
ing a totally different language.  If you want to flame me because I don't know 
what any of you are talking about, go ahead.  The point of my post about how 
impressed I was that whoever wrote it can put the word "postcrania" in a 
sentence is that some of 
us don't know everything.  If you could provide a translation next time one of 
you switches to an extraterrestrial language in the middle of an otherwise 
perfectly good message, then we humans would really appreciate it.

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