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Re: UCMP Dinosaur Research

>> Consarn that mystery bone!
>    Please enlighten us.

A fossil locality just isn't the same without a mystery bone; one that
looks important but no one is sure what it belongs to or where it goes. We
have many of these from our "BigFoot" locality, but as I said most are
McNuggets(tm) and basically unidentifiable. [warning: jargon ahead] The
mystery bone in question has been tentatively ruled out as 4 of the 6
things that it might be: (1) a femoral head, (2) a pubic boot, (3) a
femoral condyle [that was a previous mystery bone), (4) an
astragulus/calcaneum, and (5) a vertebral centrum. It's a big, lumpy,
oblong thing with some exposed dense cancellous bone; broken in two places.
The 6th option is that it's not T. rex, but it doesn't look like anyone
else. So... so far we're stumped and have moved on to studying other
things, like the birds. Which are much less ambiguous.

Again, consarn that mystery bone!

>>  up the wazoo
>    Should this phrase be added to Holtz's "Official Buttload List of
>Highly Technical Palaeontological

Please do. I'd define it as between "a heck-of-a-lot" and "coming out of
our freakin ears." I'm glad you appreciate my avoidance of jargoniousness.

                       --John R. Hutchinson