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Re: Dromeosaurs

At 03:45 AM 5/21/97 +0200, Jens-Hugo Nyberg wrote:
>What is known about Hulsanpes, Adasaurus and Phaedrolosaurus?

Very little.

Hulsanpes is a foot from Mongolia, and is almost certainly not dromaeosaurid.

Adasaurus has not been well illustrated.  It has a smaller sickle claw than
typical dromaeosaurids, and a slender hand.  It does have an opisthopubic
(backwards pointing pubis) pelvis.

Phaedrolosaurus is based on some incomplete hindlimb bones.  It might be a
dromaeosaurid, but could be some other sort of coelurosaur.

>What about that discovery of a dromeosaur(?) in Japan some year(s) ago?

Someone recently posted a news item about the Japanese dromaeosaurid:
perhaps they can forward a copy of the post to you.

>Is there any other recently discovered dromeosaur? 

There is a French dromaeosaurid (to be described), fragmentary specimens
from the Sudan and from Romania (mentioned in a post by me earlier today),
and a creature from Madagascar with features of both birds and
dromaeosaurids (which, just to remind the list HAS NOT YET BEEN NAMED NOR
FORMALLY DESCRIBED, although you can see a picture of the bones in a recent
issue of Natural History).

>This is my first contribution to the list by the way

Welcome aboard!

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