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Re: Hadrosaur defense

> From:          DinosOMP <enrique@sn.no>:

> STUPID! They where hollow, one hit whith the crests, and "crack"-no 
> crest...
> -DinosOMP
> Meet me, and the dinosaurs at
> http://home.sn.no/~enrique/dinoklad.htm

I assume that this tactful reply was in response to a query about 
hadrosaurs using their crests as defense.  I am sending this to the 
list to request that this person be given the second "time 
out" from the list, and, if this does not occur, to encourage 
the paleontologists  to treat this person's future requests for 
information with the same regard that he treated this crest question.

I am now somewhat less than enthusiastic about coming to meet you and 
your dinosaurs.  As to stupidity, there's a saying in English: 
"people in glass houses should not throw stones."

Did courtesy also become extinct 65 million years ago?  Bring back 
the dinosaurs!


"I see your schwartz
is as big as mine."