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To the List:

Goodness, where to start?....  It seems that it was me that was so
unfortunate and offensive to utter the word 'postcrania', and for this I'm
sorry because it seems that certain list members can't seem to ask what a
word they don't understand means.

First off, let me make it quite clear that I did not pull 'postcrania' out of
my ass, and that it is most definately a real word.  Again, it is any bone
that isn't in the head.  If you are confused in the future by the meanings of
certain words, simply ask the person who wrote the message what the word
means, and don't post an insulting (and personally embaracing) diatribe to
the list claiming that the poster a) made the word up and b) couldn't tell a
cladogram from his butt.  You will gain far more enemies than friends.

Secondly, let me remind some of the better educated list members to refrain
from flaming seemingly ignorant list members, even if their behavior (as in
this case) is absolutely uncalled for.  You have to remember that we were all
there once, and didn't know postcrania from homoplasy.

Lastly, I will not put a glossery into my messages to the list because I
assuming that most people on the list know what I am talking about 95% of the
time.  Come on, I'm not that smart or well educated.  It is a waste of time,
and list space to put redundant definitions over and over into each message.
 Again, if you don't understand something, ask.

Peter Buchholz

PS Just to set the record straight.....  I am not from an ivy league school;
hey, I don't even think that ivy will grow in Bozeman!