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Re: tyrannosaurs and phorusracids (was reply to:Large theropod

> Just to remind people, there IS documented evidence that tyrannosaurs did
> attack living adult hadrosaurids: the Denver Museum of Natural History
> Edmontosaurus has a bite mark of the proper size, shape, and position to
> have come from a T. rex (the only known predator of the appropriate size and
> shape in the vicinity).  As the wound healed (somewhat), the attack was
> unsuccessful, but it does indicate that at least one Tyrannosaurus attacked
> a living, adult Edmontosaurus at least once in the history of these two 
> genera.
> (You can see this specimen at the museum, or featured in the documentary
> "The Ultimate Guide to T. rex").

Brian Franczak also did a painting of this attack which is featured 
in, among other things, the Audobon Guide to Familiar Dinosaurs.  It 
features a group of tyrannosaurs advancing, appropriately enough, 
from a wood as the hadrosaurs flee, one experiencing an 
all-too-close call.  It is nifty. 

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