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New DIno/Lost World Exhibit at AMNH

For those of you within some reasonable distance of NYC, you might want
to stop by the AMNH to see the new exhibit on both dinos in general and
the making of the new Lost World film. It's quite fun and informative
(for the general public) with a combination of both resin casts of the
animals from the film and actual fossils from various sources. Videos
feature Mark Norrel, Jack Horner, Don Lessem and "Dr. Malcolm" from the
Spielberg film. Don Lessem, et al have done a fine job on this
presentation which is much improved from the first Jurassic Park
travelling exhibit.

The exhibit will travel over the next three years, and I suspect someone
will make a more formal announcement of all this one of these days, but
I thought people might be interested in knowing that it is on the loose!

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