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new refs

Only two new ones today...

JT Discover.
DA JUN 01 1997 v 18 n 6
PG 68   
AU Zimmer, Carl   
TI Terror, Take Two.
SU Full-scale dinosaur resurrection may remain no more than a movie
   But the great two-legged killers nearly did come back once -- thanks to
   evolution's love of a good design

JT Queensland government mining journal.
DA MAR 01 1997 v 98 n 1144
PG 42   
TI Dinosaur tracks at Oakleigh colliery

For those of you out there who are of the vocabularily disadvantaged
persuasion, here are definitions for a few of the above terms:

colliery: (Chiefly British); a coal mine, including all buildings and

dinosaur: Any chiefly terrestrial, herbivorous, or carnivorous animal of
the extinct orders Ornithischia or Saurischia, from the Mesozoic era.  All
dinosaurs had both 'crania' and 'postcrania'.

evolution: A non-linear process of change, previously thought to work only
to improve a lineage of organisms, but now known to allow some atavistic
organisms to occur naturally.  Atavistic organisms are not necessarily bad,
but sometimes they make a lot of noise.  

fantasy: The belief that educated people should pander to the lowest common
denominator of society by defining words which can be looked up in any
grade-school dictionary.  Also, the egocentric belief that if you've never
heard of a word before, someone must have made it up just to impress you.

resurrection: When something that you had hoped would disappear forever
continues to come back and make a nuisance of itself again and again and

Tempe, Arizona

Mickey, I appologize right here and now for any and all fallout.