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Re: Sudanese Dromeosaur

The paper "First record of the family Dromaeosauridae (Dinosauria:
Theropoda) in the Cretaceous of Gondwana (Wadi Milk Formation, Northern
Sudan)" by Oliver W. M Rauhut and Christa Werner has been published in 
the Palaontologische Zeitschrift, 69  (3/4),1995, pp 475-489.
After the authors some disarticulated elements of a pes and a tooth
indicate the presence of a dromaeosaurid theropod in the Late cretaceous
of Sudan.

S. Cuny

> A while back I had asked this question and received no reply. Can
> anybody on the list help.
> Further has there been an official publication of Baagaratan, if so
> where can I get it?
> A while back a certain Rauhut had reported dromeosaur material from
> Sudan. Can any one provide the exact reference? What does the material
> comprise of? Is there any overlap with the putative Hateg dromeosaur
> material which was recently reported by Weishampel. Is there any further
> unpublished material from Hateg which would suggest that the dromeosaur
> had some of the primitive features typical of the other island dinosaurs
> from the same formation. Weishampel et al believe that the fact that
> this dromeosaur is younger than in think most others may have some thing
> to do with the isolation on an island which allowed it to survive
> longer. Any comments on this matter.
> Aravind