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E. Summer wrote...

> So the question is, what did they look like sitting? How did they sit?
> Is anyone aware of "sitting" portraits?

There are loads of restorations of dinosaurs in sitting positions. 

Look at Greg Paul's _Deinonychus antirrhopus_ pair (one where they are sitting
in a fern meadow: one is scratching the side of its head with the sickle claw).
There is another sitting dromaeosaurid pair in the introduction to PDOTW. Greg
has also painting sitting hadrosaurs on occasion and there are two works of his
featuring reclining allosaurs. 

Mike Skrepnick has done a painting of a sitting tyrannosaurid - I think it's a
_Daspletosaurus_. It's in the _Earth_ article on dinosaur art by Don Lessem. A
Luis Rey painting features sitting oviraptorids. Sorry Brian, can't think of any
sitting dinosaurs you've done. 

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