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The Dinosauria?

> Is a new, revised edition of The Dinosauria expected/in the 
> works/whatever?  I want to buy, but not a 
> soon-to-be-rendered-obsolete edition.
> Thanks --
> Larry
        The last time Dodson and I yacked about this particular topic, he 
mentioned that he had brought the subject up with Weishampel at SVP in 
NYC because he had thought a 10th anniversary 2nd edition might be a good 
thing.  He said that David got flustered, said he didn't even want to 
talk about it right now, and changed the subject quickly.  The Dinosauria 
was a monumental piece of work in the late '80s.  It is going to be even 
worse this time.  I don't think they want to deal with the workload just 

        Buy the 1st edition.  Incidentally, I really hate softcover books 
and found that I can indeed replace my battered and worn first copy, in 
hardcover, from Berkeley.  So, if you want a hardcover copy, I suspect 
you can get one.


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