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Re: The Dinosauria?

At 08:46 AM 5/22/97 -0400, Larry Dunn wrote:
> Is a new, revised edition of The Dinosauria expected/in the 
> works/whatever?  I want to buy, but not a 
> soon-to-be-rendered-obsolete edition.
I don't know if there are firm plans to rewrite it (I have my own ideas on
some important changes... :-).

However, two books that may help serve to update are the forthcoming Farlow
& Brett-Surman _The Complete Dinosaur_ and the Currie and Padian (or is it
Padian & Currie?) Dinosaur Encylcopedia.

And, given the way dinosaur science progresses, there is no way to buy a
dinosaur book that isn't at least partly out of date by the time it comes
from the printers...

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