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Re: Sitting down.

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Office wrote:

> It has become de rigeur to paint or mount bipedal dinos in a "running"
> position: the legs in some sort of dramatic "frozen moment" position
> and  head and tail extended.
        This is mostly Greg Paul's fault, I think, because he draws
running dinosaurs well

> One would only suppose that these poor beasts sat down sometimes. 
> So the question is, what did they look like sitting? How did they sit?
> Is anyone aware of "sitting" portraits?
        Paul also draws sitting and lying dinosaurs, though fewer of them.
"Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" and "The Dinosaur Society Dinosaur
Encyclopedia" have some of these. Most are drawn sitting on their pubic
"boot" with the chest against the ground, chest between the knees and
elbows on the ground. The Velociraptor, with it's backwards pubs, is drawn
sitting on the pubic boot sort of upright.