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Re: Family Ties

Jeremy wrote:
> >  ...  I don't know and couldn't care less what "postcrania" means because 
> > you just pulled it out of thin air.  The word is not germane to this topic, 
> > and is only found in your message so you can sound impressive.

You are interested in dinosaurs yet you do not attempt to learn the
simplest, most basic terms so you can take part in discussions by
TRAINED paleontologists about your favorite topic.  This is not an
extraterrestial language but LATIN, used by scientists as a universal
language since Linneaus and even earlier with Pliny.  Try to learn some
vocabulary.  If you can't be bothered to find out basic anatomical terms
(which are Latin, like CRANIUM, MANDIBLE, DORSAL, VENTRAL, etc.) then
you might as well give up on learning anything from the mailing list at

POST means 'after"
CRANIUM means "skull"

POSTCRANIA refers to the body after the skull, (or in this case, the
body not including the head)

           Betty Cunningham  
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