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Special summer camp project

I received this e-mail at the Dinosaur Art and Modeling home page:

lkessler@intelicable.com (Larry Kessler) sent the following
My name is Larry Kessler and I am part of an organization called Camp Happy 
Days.  This is a
summer camp which takes place once per year on lake marion in s.c.  It is for 
oneweek.  We are
in the woods, by a lake.  This is a camp for kidswith cancer.  We will have 165 
kids, 125
counselors.Every year we do a different theme.  This year is dinosaurs.I am 
trying to collect
anything to do with dinasour paleontolgy,artwork, etc.  We want to mock up a 
dig site for the
kids,have touch and see items, special arts & crafts, etc.  July 1will be 
"Dino-Day."  My
responsability is to acquire anythingand everything possible to make this very 
visual and full
oflearning.Please call me if youhave any contacts or suggestions whichmay help. 
ext.11.  THis is my corporate office.I like all of the other camp directors am 
a volunteer, so thisis
the number to my corporate office.  My verification contactis Cindy Wedholm at 
the Happy Days
& Special Times main office,803-571-4336.I thank youin advan
ce for both your time and consideration.Larry Kessler755 Johnnie Dodds 
BlvdSuite CMt.
Pleasant, SC 29464(P) 800-683-9830, ext. 11(F) 803-884-1193 

I thought some of you might be interested in this or could provide other 
sources for him. What you
see is what I know. 

John Rafert, M.S., R.T.(R)
Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences
Indiana University School of Medicine
School of Allied Health Sciences

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