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Apatosaurus for sale

I'm looking for a congenial home for my Jonas Brothers/Sinclair _Apatosaurus_
machette: a 1/10-life-size scale model of the 1964 Sinclair Pavilion New York
World's Fair _Apatosaurus_, mounted on a plaque. It's dark green, about seven
feet long and two feet tall, and has the wrong head (of course). I don't know
how many of these machettes the Jonas Brothers made, but there weren't very
many for each of the Sinclair dinosaurs--perhaps only one or two; this one's
the biggest (naturally). I've owned it for about 15 years, give or take a
year, and had it decorating my office, but now that I'm setting my office up
at home, it's crowding me. A plaster model painted in acrylics (I think),
it's basically in superlative condition--there are just a few tiny spots
where the paint is wearing off--and a real eye-grabbing conversation piece: A
sculpture of genuine historical interest and a world-class dinosaur
collectible--provided you have the room(!) and about enough $$$ to buy a
>good< used car. Shipping and crating will be a problem: the model weighs a
good 50 lbs, probably more, and needs careful handling. If you want it,
consider driving a van to San Diego to pick it up in person.

Serious interest/offers respond by e-mail off list, please.