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Re: Dinosaurs versus mammals

At 07:58 PM 5/22/97 -0400, John Bois wrote:
>On Thu, 22 May 1997, Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
>>         You seem to be forgetting what might be the simplest explanation:
>> dinosaurs got there the firstest with the mostest.
>The question then becomes: Why were they and not mammals the firstest 
>with the mostest?
Essentially, because they were.  I.e. for no particular reason except they
they happened, by the happenstance of life, to evolve *slightly* before
mammals did (perhaps by 10 MY).

The basic idea that Jonathan is getting at here is the basic one we
ecologists call "competitive exclusion".  By observation we have noticed
that close competitors tend not to coexist, and that the incumbent has a
major advantage in nature, as in politics.

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