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The film is better than the book IMHO. There are more dinosaur scenes
and they are better rendered. There are also better scarier scenes as
compared to Jurassic Park. The plot is also more interesting.

For those who keep tabs on "errors", I believe the reconstruction of
Stegosaurus armatus was wrong - but don't quote me. I need to check
this. Ignore size representations in the movie.

There is an EXQUISITE double-entendre during the death scene of
"paleontologist R.B."!!!

And now a CHALLENGE for the list! Spielberg does his usual homage to
several movies in the film. I spotted the ones for HATARI, GODZILLA, THE
MOST DANGEROUS GAME, and SON OF KONG. Can you spot the rest???

Finally, the scene with the motorcyclist and the diplodocid (NOT a
mamenchisaur) was magnificent.

I would not take kids under 9 years old to this movie.

Oh well, back on the ticket line for the next show.......

Mike Brett-Surman    brett-surman.michael@nmnh.si.edu
or at mnhpb018@sivm.si.edu
Smithsonian Institution (not "institute" ;-)