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Lost World -- spoiler-free review

    I saw a matinee of "Lost World" on 23 May.

    Special effects and entertainment are better than "Jurassic Park",
in my opinion.  The movie manages to be scary, entertaining, and
suspenseful, entirely in the grandest tradition of monster movies, and
still have you rooting for the dinosaurs, all of whom put on a
wonderful show.  The emphasis on behavior of the creatures provided a
strong focus for the plot, and appeared entirely realistic -- as did
the behavior of dedicated scientific types trying to study them in the
field -- Mark and Del Owens have nothing on the characters of "Lost

    And I did promise "no spoilers", so all I will say say is that
"Lost World" puts an entirely new and long overdue perspective on

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                We're a happy family...

                                             --  Jay Freeman