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Have some people forgotten Books!

I keep reading posts about..Where can I find Dinosaur Skeletons on the 
Net?.. We'll what about going to the Library or a book store and 
getting a book? Naww, to easy.

But seriously, anyone who wants to put a LOT of skeletal drawings on 
the net are nuts. Why you ask. Because once it's on the list, anyone 
can get a hold of it, and all the time you took to put it on, is 
wasted. Why again. Because you won't get paid for your work.

I've done over a 1,000 drawings of either isolated bones or skeletons. 
If I could get paid for putting the drawings on the net, I would. But 
after doing 560 odd drawings, for a certian book that won't be 
mentioned, and them only using 150 of them, we'll, that was wasted time 
and effort. 

If you want to see skeletal drawings, I suggest you get the orginal 
article, and any other articles that have that animal you want in it. 
Do the skeleton from that yourself. You will learn a lot about the 
animal by doing that. That's what I've done. I can't tell you how many 
times I've drawn a Tyrannosaurus skeleton. I've been doing that for 
more than 25 years, and I've learned a lot from it.

One things that is frustrating about paleontology is that a lot of what 
you want to see, has never been figured. Right now I'm doing a drawing 
of a Diplodocid mid caudal chevron. That bone is nearly impossible to 
find in the litature.