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Re: LOST WORLD Article

kmh wrote:
> Okay, all your pros --- here's your chance to be heard.  I want to write
> an article for one of the major "entertainment" rags about what REAL
> paleo science has to say about THE LOST WORLD, good and bad.  So do me a
> favor, if you're willing to be quoted.  After you see the film (and lets
> face it, most of you will see it twice) write a brief paragraph about
> the BEST and the WORST you witnessed.  And forward it to me.  I'll write
> it up, submit and let you know when and where it will be once accepted.
> And trust me, it will be accepted.  You guys are the BEST.

  The best thing?
  Obviously the CALVIN AND HOBBES tribute.  No wait, can I just say the
T rexes?  Dang! Can I have two?
  The worst thing?
  The outrageous plot devices- the 'rope' sequence, the 'pipe' sequence,
and the Site B computer monitors.

           Betty Cunningham  
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