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Re: Sitting down

At 00.02 22/05/97 -0400, you wrote:
>It has become de rigeur to paint or mount bipedal dinos in a "running"
>position: the legs in some sort of dramatic "frozen moment" position
>and  head and tail extended.
>One would only suppose that these poor beasts sat down sometimes. 
>So the question is, what did they look like sitting? How did they sit?
>Is anyone aware of "sitting" portraits?
>E Summer

Wayne D. Barlowe portraied a squatting _Velociraptor_ (in _The Ultimate
dinosaur_, 1992).

William Stout illustrated, in _The Dinosaurs_, 1981, the close up of the
head of a _Tyrannosaurus_ lying on the ground, while some pterosaurs eat
parasites from its skin and teeth.

Eugenio Spreafico