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SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

Ok boys and girls,
We're starting it off finally.
I wanna go first.

#1) The hunter wants a trophy bull T rex because that's the biggest and
meanest predator that ever was.  Don't we assume currently that Sue was
a lady because she was bigger than the boys?  So he should be wanting to
nab Momma not Poppa.

#2) Everybody can pick up a baby T rex.  This infant is a 'couple of
weeks old', and is easily 7-8 feet long, yet they're tucking that
critter up and running with it all over the place, even Sara (5ft6in?). 
The tail is thrashing even, and she doesn't even break stride.  How much
did that thing weigh?  How much should it have weighed?

?#3)? Are Corn snakes (or Coral snakes-whichever it was) native to the
Costa Rican area?
           Betty Cunningham  
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