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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

> From:          Bettyc <Bettyc@flyinggoat.com>

> #1) The hunter wants a trophy bull T rex because that's the biggest and
> meanest predator that ever was.  Don't we assume currently that Sue was
> a lady because she was bigger than the boys?  So he should be wanting to
> nab Momma not Poppa.

OK. let's play the psychology game.  This hunter would want a male 
if he didn't know anything about current dinosaur-theory and assumed 
that the male was bigger.  Then again, maybe INGEN noticed the 
(entirely plausible) fact that male tyrannosaurs were larger.  I 
don't believe that a pack of Virginia Slims or a Cosmo have been 
found with the robust morph yet, so the jury's still out . . .

What about the errors in logic in the movie (don't read further if 
you don't want to know), the biggest one being how the T-Rex on the 
boat got out, ate the crew, and then locked itself back in the hold?  
How did it eat the guy in the cabin?  How was a ship with a dead 
crew guided back right to port?  Hmmm . . . pretty sloppy.  Loved the 
movie otherwise though.