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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
> > #1) The hunter wants a trophy bull T rex because that's the biggest and
> > meanest predator that ever was.  Don't we assume currently that Sue was
> > a lady because she was bigger than the boys?  So he should be wanting to
> > nab Momma not Poppa.

> I don't believe that a pack of Virginia Slims or a Cosmo have been
> found with the robust morph yet, so the jury's still out . . .

you know there's debate, I know there's debate, HORNER knows there's
debate, so perhaps Burke or Sara should have said something about the

> What about the errors in logic in the movie (don't read further if
> you don't want to know), the biggest one being how the T-Rex on the
> boat got out, ate the crew, and then locked itself back in the hold?
> How did it eat the guy in the cabin?  How was a ship with a dead
> crew guided back right to port?  Hmmm . . . pretty sloppy.  Loved the
> movie otherwise though.

I saw it this way: 
there was a dramatic pause on the dead arm holding the switch BEFORE we
figured out the T rex was bouncing the doors trying to get out.  The
director was trying to tell us something.  
I figured there's a bit not shown where, after the T gets out, starts
killing everybody (why are there dismembered body parts in the ships'
cabin but no T rex-sized holes in the cabin?) he badly mangles the
button operator who, left for dead (WHY was he not eaten?) and manfully,
as the T rex chases somebody back into the hold, crawls to the button
and pushes it to seal in the T rex then expires gorely.

           Betty Cunningham  
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