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Re: Lost World, worth seeing?

<<I saw The Lost World tonight and did I enjoyed it?
Have they (the movie people) made the dinosaurs wrong? Yes. 
Where there things wrong with the plot? Yes.
Did the Dinosaurs look good (not wrong)? YES!!!
Did I like the move? YOU BET!!
And I'll see it again and again.>>

The ending scene was worth the price of admission. The non-dino scenes were
very boring; characters & acting not exactly Oscar-worthy, but then I didn't
expect them to be; would've liked to have seen some SLOWER scenes (like the
brachiosaurs in JP) where we could enjoy the dinosaurs up close and personal,
rather than having them running and blurry all the time; wish they made the
dinos something other than a uniform putty color--would a splash of color
here or there have killed them? Wished there had been more Triceratops (can't
please everybody!).
On the positive side -- LOVED the R.B. parody! Suspect he's laughing, too!
Loved the variety of dinos. T-Rex was AWESOME and entirely believable. Loved
the '90's ending. Loved the "living touches" -- dinos shaking their heads,
raptors wrestling, acting like real animals. Someone earlier posted that he
had noticed elements from other movies reflected in LW; I'd like to add
Gwangi and even Dracula (boat with crew missing) to that list! The spots of
humor were nice, too.
Of course, everyone who loves dinos should go see this! It might not be
Schindler's List with dinosaurs, but it's still a great ride, very
entertaining, and a fun night out!