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PaleoAnthro Fully Moderated

Hello All,

I asked Mickey's permission before posting this, as it doesn't deal
directly with Dino's.  Got the OK, as it is Paleo in nature.

I would like to announce that the PaleoAnthro Discussion List has become
totally moderated.  This measure was taken to ameliorate certain problems,
such as forgetting to trim response posts, potential flaming situations
and off-topic posts.  Consequently, the total volume of posts has been

In addition, I have added a digest version of the Discussion list, as well
as an "Announcements Only" list for those not interested in the
discussions. The Discussion Lists also receive the announcements, so
subscribing to more than one list is unnecessary.

To subscribe to one of the lists, send an email message to


With one of the following three messages in the body of the email:

   subscribe paleoanthro

   subscribe paleoanthro-digest

   subscribe pa-announce

The topics of these lists include Paleoanthropology, Physical
Anthropology, Prehistoric Archaeology, and Human and Non-human Primate

For more information, see the PaleoAnthro Lists Home Page at:



Matt Fraser
List Owner and Moderator

Matt Fraser
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