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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:

> What about the errors in logic in the movie (don't read further if
> you don't want to know), the biggest one being how the T-Rex on the
> boat got out, ate the crew, and then locked itself back in the hold?
> How did it eat the guy in the cabin?  How was a ship with a dead
> crew guided back right to port?  Hmmm . . . pretty sloppy.  Loved the
> movie otherwise though.

It's funny...that's one of two common (can I say common a day and a half
after the movie premiered?) assumptions I've seen people make about the
film.  "How did the T. rex eat the crew if it was locked in the hold?"
If you look at the deck of the ship, however, you'll see the scattered
remains of the cage in which it was initially imprisoned, showing that
the tyrannosaur wasn't originally transported in the hold.  The fact
that a dead man's hand was clenched around the cargo hatch controls
suggests that Daddy rex woke up, broke free, wreaked havoc and was
finally lured (or simply went for some more munchies) into the hold and
was trapped there by someone who was badly-injured enough to die in the
process, the ship's course already set and port not too far away.
Convenient? Yes, but at least not impossible.

How it ate the fellow at the wheel, however, is another issue. No
reasonable explanation for the T. rex getting its head into the cabin
without having to tear off the roof occurs to me.

(The other assumption I've heard from a couple of people was that all of
the species were living in peaceful harmony in the final "beauty shot"
of the film. They obviously didn't notice Li'l Rexie being coached to go
after the baby stegosaur. And I do wish we had seen more of the
pterosaurs than that one image, nice though it was.)

A fun movie, and great effects. I still haven't decided how much I liked
it overall, plot devices and flat characters included, and probably
won't until the second viewing.  In the meantime, if anyone knows how I
can get hold of one of those 3-D lenticular movie posters with the
tyrannosaur head bursting through the logo, I'd be much obliged.

-Daniel Lipkowitz