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JP "'raptors"

DAMN, the Lost World was fun!! Makes the first Jurassic Park look wimpy. I
don't know if I can watch it again.

Anyway, I was thinking about the "'raptors" and all the problems with
them. Flexible tails, no integument (being between
Sinosauropteryx/Compsognathus and birds, they must have had something)...
maybe they're not dromaeosaurs at all. Could they be Noasaurus?

Also, did I hear them right when they named the little dinosaur?
Compsognathus triassicus??? What, couldn't make up their minds whether to
use Procomp. or Comp.?

Here's to seeing more scenes from the first novel in the *third* JP

--T. Michael Keesey
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P.S. Best thing apart from dinosaurs -- Ah-nold as King Lear!